What should I expect?

You've booked! It's happening! What will it be like? I come to your house a little bit early so that I can bond with your little ones while you finish getting ready. I look over your house for the best lovely light and we'll hang out there - you'll be free to kiss, cuddle and tickle each other while I smile behind my camera, so lucky to be capturing this for you.


What should we wear?

Above all, be yourself! Unless your family regularly wears matching white t-shirts, skip those. I've found that neutrals and muted patterns tend to work well as they let your faces shine rather than take a backseat to a loud outfit.


Where will our shoot be held?

My favorite place to photograph families is in their homes. It's where your most intimate, beautiful moments with your family happen. It's where your baby first tried peas and spit them right out (I still do that), where your toddler learned to walk, where your little kindergardener learned to tie her shoes. It's where you tuck your babies in and where I want to photograph you.


What should I do to prepare?

The most crucial thing is to relax. Talk with your family about how fun the session is going to be. It's easy to get worked up and stressed because you want everything to be perfect but children pick up on your cues and may start to think this photo session is not something they're excited for after all! 


Will I get the photos?

Yes! They will be easily downloadable from an online gallery for you to share. But hear my plea: don't let your priceless images of your loving family grow up to be jpegs. Talk to me and let's get them up on your wall where you can look at them every day (even when you've got barf on your shirt and wonder why you did any of this) or into a beautiful handmade album you can look at for the next 30 years and that your children can keep to show to their children.


How long until I see the photos?

Just one week! When we schedule your session, we will also schedule your viewing and ordering session so you know exactly when your goodies will be ready. Make sure everyone who is a decision maker will be there  because there are special, only on viewing day deals you'll want to take advantage of!