I'm so excited to introduce my new blog. Here you'll find photographs from recent elopements and honeymoons I've been a part of as well as some peeks into my life and what goes on behind the camera.

Thoughtful Statue by Melissa Wessel, Hawaii Elopement and Honeymoon Photographer

I was at a lovely wedding today when I spotted this little sculpted man among some weeds. He was only about a foot tall but held so much wisdom in his features. He grasped a small bowl of water holding three pennies. It made me wonder about the people who entrusted this tiny stoic man with their wishes.

Had they taken the time to kneel among the weeds at the base of this willow tree just as I had? I suddenly felt connected to these strangers. I placed my penny in his bowl and wondered if these strangers and I would ever meet. There's no way we could know but I have room in my life for people who pause their busy life and have time for hidden wishing statues.