Scenes from Ko 'Olina

For me, every walk is a photo walk. So when I went wandering around the beautiful grounds of Ko 'Olina, as I sometimes do on the weekend, I couldn't help myself.

Ko Olina by Melissa Wessel, Hawaii Honeymoon Photographer

The resort is big and beautiful and I love taking it in but what I found really rewarding was finding little pockets of beauty. Little scenes that other people might not notice but that I can reveal to be lovely if you would just take the time to stop and look.

Scenes from Ko 'Olina, by Melissa Wessel, Hawaii Honeymoon Photographer

This was Ko 'Olina from my eyes. But whatever place you choose to stay on your Hawaiian honeymoon, make sure not only to enjoy the sweeping ocean views, but also the small things. Like the way the light plays on a patch of water, or the rustling sound the palm trees make when they sway in the wind. Soak up every detail.